Photography and Film making has been my passion since the age of 8, when I assembled my first darkroom in the family attic and began making films with my father's 8mm wind-up movie camera. I was cutting the film by hand, splicing scenes together with tape. What a wonderful experience. My 2 brothers and the family pets were my first "stars", and one of those films, "Hamsters From Space", is a true classic. The "Behind-The-Scenes" television shows fascinated me, and I thought watching the crew and cameras at work on real movie sets was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen. When I went to the movies I found myself imagining all the action behind the camera, and usually paid less attention to the story. Things haven't changed all that much to this day.

I created films for school projects whenever possible, and this continued through High School and into film school in New York, where I really concentrated on Film & TV production. A steady stream of student films came out of those years, and I also interned at the local PBS and NBC affiliate TV stations.

After graduating film school, off I went directly to Hollywood where the real action was. I quickly found a position as a "Gofer" (go-for-this/go-for-that) for a small TV production company. I was working all hours of the days/nights/weekends, picking up camera equipment from rental houses, dropping off film at the lab, delivering scripts to the actors, learning my way around L.A. and loving every second of it. I felt very "at home" in the Hollywood film and TV production environment.

During that first year in L.A. the company I was working for sold a new concept to one of the networks for an early reality TV show. I was quickly made field director, joined the prestigious Director's Guild of America (DGA), and traveled around the country for the next 5 years directing and shooting segments during the run of a prime-time network show.

Several shoots were in Lake Tahoe, and the lure of that beautiful lake and the surrounding mountains was undeniable! I decided to make it my home.

Located with the spectacular setting of Lake Tahoe as a backdrop for several decades, my production company THS-Visuals Motion Pictures has been specializing in the creative interpretation and presentation of product messages, marketing objectives, and corporate strategies ever since. We have now moved down to the ever-evolving City of Reno. Our work crosses all media boundaries as we have knowledge and expertise in the full spectrum of current production and delivery technologies.

THS-Visuals Motion Pictures continues to create a wide variety of visual media for an expanding regional, national, and international client base. Our diverse scope of services includes full production and post-production, creating visual communications solutions for large renewable energy developers, construction companies, manufacturing, financial, and other organizations.

We possess a keen ability to assess the needs of any visual communications objective by combining design, creativity, and understanding of the use of media to inform, entertain, and motivate the viewer. We continually strive to redefine and expand the effectiveness and impact of our work.

Our commitment to innovation provides long term benefits from our unique approach to planning, design, and execution of every production. Our experience and creative skills come together on each project to create world class film making for every client. The resulting comment we often hear...
"that's exactly what we were looking for".